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Intelligent Building Magazine Interview 2018

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1. Could you briefly give information about the activities of your company?

Bosmer was founded in 2009 and is one of the first KNX companies operating in Izmir. Our company has taken the Aegean region distributorship of KNX building automation products of a leading and international company in the sector since 2012 and has successfully completed dozens of projects from public buildings to private buildings. At the same time, as BOSMER, we established the first KNX training center in İzmir in 2014 and trained many certified KNX practitioners, both domestic and foreign, who will take part in the sector. Since 2016, as BOSMER, we have moved to a different field in line with the experience we have gained in the sector and incoming customer demands, and we have started R&D studies to produce domestic automation products.

Smart home, KNX KNX training, KNX training, building automation, domestic

2. Could you give information about the products, services and usage areas you offer?

Basically right now KNX automation We produce their products and implement them with projects. We have devices that we can use in lighting, curtain-blind control, HVAC applications. As Bosmer, we have accelerated our R&D and production activities. In other words, I can say that we are focused on rapidly increasing our product range. We are in a position to produce solutions for all kinds of projects in line with the needs of the sector and customer requests. Ideal in building automation is design and system installation during construction. However, it is possible to apply the system in existing buildings. For example, large structures such as airports, hospitals, factories, hotels, public institutions service buildings, shopping malls and parking lots, or residential projects with direct end-user targeting such as residences, flats, villas, even yachts can be among the projects with an automation system. With these technologies, which were seen as luxury in the past, we can now have comfort, safety and energy efficiency at the same time. Moreover, this technology offers us the opportunity to communicate with other systems and to access the system remotely.

3. What are the services provided for smart buildings?

We offer savings, comfort and safety to the user with smart building systems. We adapt the technology to daily life in line with demands and needs. We can bring many systems together and enable them to communicate and react in a coordinated way through "scenarios". We realize home and building control applications such as lighting, curtain-blind control, security system, heating, ventilation, energy management and sound systems.

4. What are your features that make you different from your competitors?

We have been in the industry since 2009. We follow the industry and technology closely. We try to provide the right product and service according to customer demands and offer different options if necessary. After giving our user training, we stand by our customers in any problem encountered. We reflect our experience in the works we do with the services we provide in many different structures. At the same time, being KNX Training Center and providing basic or advanced training on this subject, it offers a great opportunity to people who have just entered the sector or who want to specialize in their field, it shows our professional perspective on the sector and increases the trust of our customers in us. As a result of our R&D studies that started about 2 years ago, we started to produce our own products. Being a domestic manufacturer in the sector brings many advantages with it. At the beginning of these advantages are the ease of access to the company and our service support, lower product costs and product diversity. In line with the demands, we can also design special products suitable for customer needs and implement them in a short time. In addition, the fact that our products are KNX compatible, which is an international standard, allows the user to act quite freely while installing the system. Being able to install system components by bringing together different brands provides advantages in both cost and aesthetic preferences.

5. What do you think about smart cities and smart buildings, how successful are we in usage?

Smart building applications are advancing with the rapidly developing construction industry. These systems ensure that energy is used efficiently, as well as being traceable and manageable. Unfortunately, the importance of this has only just begun to be grasped in our country. The most important point to be considered in building automation is that it is selected and applied according to the needs and characteristics of the project. But the fact that it is still considered as a luxury choice that only increases the price of the building makes us a little sad. Let's not forget that it is necessary to take advantage of all the possibilities of technology in order to create future-oriented smart cities.

Smart home, building automation, domestic

Smart home, building automation, domestic

The biggest deficiency of this developing market is the insufficient number of qualified personnel who are experts in their fields in Turkey. Although the automation sector has an infrastructure that supports energy efficiency with its advanced technology, the results of the mistakes made by the technical personnel in the integration process of these resources lead to greater costs and cause users to look at this sector with prejudice. The professionalism of the engineering teams, who have the infrastructure and knowledge to install the system in accordance with its purpose, to provide the desired comfort and efficiency, and to commission it correctly, is of great importance for the smooth operation of the project and the correct operation of the system. We are a certified KNX training We are trying to raise awareness of the sector by answering all the questions of the students who will step into this sector with the seminars we give at the universities from time to time. There are requests to participate in KNX trainings from abroad as well as from within the country. Certified trainings that are valid all over the world are seen as a good option for those who are doing this job in the sector but have not received their education or who want to advance their knowledge to an advanced level.

7. Finally, if there is anything you want to add…

Now, we have accelerated our production works in order to ensure customer satisfaction as a manufacturer as well as project design in the sector. We aim to make a name for ourselves as a domestic manufacturer with solid foundations in the country and abroad by diversifying our products even more soon.


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