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Bosmer, KNX-based building automation in Turkey in 2009 systems operate as one of the leading practitioners of the company It began. KNX infrastructure to this day with the Bosmer organizations, including shopping malls, sports complexes, public buildings, hotels, holiday villages, villas, many projects or projects with special design It has successfully completed. Our company is a major part of the project process Although he manages, at the request of our customers product supply, also engages in project planning and consulting activities. Bosmer of the KNX system that also practitioners 2014 Since "certified training center" state.

Our company habitats intelligent (smart home, intelligent building ...) on information given with the knowledge and experience formed the R & D unit. At this stage, first as design and software GAP series with 100% domestic panel modules that produce and products successfully in many projects used. Bosmer current market demand and dynamic team rapid self-development and the range of products according to your wishes It continues to expand.