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  • The KNX protocol is a very complex and unique structure. This structure has its own controls as a working principle.

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  • Load procedure, flag procedure, priority procedures, system structures and procedures of related group addresses and Telegram structures, individual address, transport layer procedures, etc. It is a structure consisting of many more procedures such as
  • Whether these controls comply with the procedures is determined by performing the necessary tests in the stack laboratory of KNX.





  • Device design M.T. It is done with the program. M.T. In the program, the design is prepared with the external background (Static) and the draft created for B-STACK.
  • Appropriate equipment is provided.
  • Programming button and LED indicator algorithms also come with B-STACK software. It is sufficient to connect it to the relevant outputs of the microcontroller.
  • M.T. The data map seen in the program (parameters to be changed in ETS) is transmitted with B-STACK variables. These values ​​can be easily retrieved and processed.
  • Telegrams coming with B-STACK functions and software structure are automatically captured and the received data can be easily retrieved with the help of B-STACK variables.
  • Without the need for any Telegram procedure, status or response telegrams can be sent with the functions in the B-STACK library.
  • When sending status or response, the association between the group address and the group object is provided. Telegram can be sent easily by just typing group object number and value. B-STACK has the feature of matching group addresses within itself.
  • There is no need to create algorithms for ETS commands such as Fully Download, Info, Partial Download, Reset, Unload. All provided by B-STACK.
  • Behaviors after BUS commute (BUS Failure) are enough to be written into the generated B-STACK function.