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Bosmer KNX Test Lab is a first in Turkey. Izmir (Turkey) who Bosmer KNX Test Lab, KNX manufacturers and developers for certification of new products KNX is a member of a group in the testing proposal.
The relevant technical and quality inspection has been applied and approved by KNX to BOSMER. After this process, BOSMER KNX Test Laboratory was accredited by the KNX Association. (A Quality Management System is applied according to ISO9001 standards)


We set up our KNX certified test laboratory for you. This is where the interoperability of your products is tested against KNX specifications.

In the laboratory, the manufacturer's products are tested, if a problem is encountered during the testing process, the test is stopped and a test report is sent to the manufacturer.

➢ KNX Software Tests
(According to the latest version of KNX Handbook, part 8/7/1)

➢ Compliance of Data Point types
(According to the latest version of KNX Handbook, Volume 3/7/2)

➢ Compliance of mandatory to be implemented Functional Blocks
(According to the latest version of KNX Handbook, Volume 6/30/1 and the relevant parts of Volume 7)

➢ Compliance of Labelling Device
(According to the latest version of KNX Handbook, Volume 5)

Also for KNX Socket, Cable and Power Supply Developers;

➢ Compliance of Knx cables and sockets to KNX standards
(According to the latest version of KNX Handbook, Volume 9/1)

➢ Compliance of Knx PSU to KNX standards
(According to the latest version of KNX Handbook, Volume 9/2)




When your development is complete, you can start the PRE-TEST (Pre-Test).

In the KNX test laboratory, we have added the Pre-Test option to determine the compliance of your device with KNX standards and to see the incompatibilities.
The difference between the Pretest and the regular test is that this test is not valid for the KNX Association. However, with this test, it is possible to see all the deficiencies / incompatibilities in the device.

In the official test, when a missing / mismatch is encountered in interoperability and functionality with the BDUT (Bus Device Tested), the test is stopped and the report marked as unavailable. And once the manufacturer has fixed this problem, it must be retested in the same procedures. If the device does not comply with the KNX Standards in the next official test, the test is stopped again and the report is negative.

This can be a very difficult situation for manufacturers who are unsure of the device's compliance with KNX standards.

The purpose of the Pretest is to find a solution for the Manufacturers in such cases.

Ön Testte ürünleriniz test edilir, test sırasında bir sorunla karşılaşılırsa, test durdurulmaz ve devam ettirilir. Tüm test adımlarında cihazda standart dışı tüm sorunlar ve karşılaşılan hatalar rapor edilir.