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Creating an ETS Entry with the Manufacturer Tool

Submission of a Demo KNX Stack library for firmware development

Firmware development and firmware sharing in accordance with the KNX Stack structure

KNX Stack merge process with firmware

Processor sending as many as agreed

Making and sending uploads to processors

Sending samples to be produced and sent to the KNX Test laboratory department

Your device has been tested and tested by KNX Interworking and Func. Getting the certificate

KNX Device Production

Smart home Bosmer

Smart Home and Building Automation

modern technology for the intelligent building network, and if successful is there for people. If life easier. Safer, More Convenient and More Beautiful.

Smart Home and Building Technologies wants to improve on a product and you do not know how yapıcağını, expert R & D team and together with your mind commanded us evaluate our engineers.

Our applications can give you an idea of ​​what's possible with that boşmu:

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration
  • protection from the sun and shading control
  • Design of operating and visualization systems
  • Infrastructure and system components
  • LED lights and lighting control
  • scenarios
  • Remote control


With this model, it is possible for manufacturers to produce newer and faster products by focusing only on the products they produce by saving production costs and time on the KNX side.

It is aimed to use these resources in other places and more efficiently by enabling them to save on the high costs that were initially anticipated for KNX.

Bosmer Sistem


> Consultancy for idea development
> Applications, interfaces, system architecture, standards, standard and so on. system is provided in the thread.

Bosmer yazılım


> The area you want Production
software required is provided.

Bosmer üretim


> completely local
> Less cost
> External independent solutions

ss, bosmer akıllı ev


> End of life concept
> Repair
> Spare parts supply

Why boşmu

Because you need to transform your solution!

As a specialist in building automation, wake up exactly what you need, develop and produce simple and ideal solution for you.