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Smart Home

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Smart Home

Smart home concept, we started to hear more often nowadays. So, what actually means; Before we can define a simple introduction to the subject. Intelligent buildings, thanks to these systems collect many systems under the same roof, we have the comfort, savings, security and time-saving are the living area. So it's just not smart home, intelligent building and the Intelligent Office is required to consider the establishment of this system that all areas of life.

How to use smart building technologies?

intelligent building technologies It is now much easier to access and used in our daily lives. By allowing the systems to communicate with each other, it provides a high level of savings and user convenience with the "scenario" option you specify in desired situations. For example, thanks to these systems installed in our house, you can connect to our house via phone or internet and change the temperature settings of the house.You can watch the movements in any room of the house and have the curtains or lights open and close depending on the daylight. We ensure our safety for undesirable situations such as earthquakes and floods and we can intervene in the event within seconds. With the help of the scenario prepared when someone is approaching home while on vacation, devices such as lights, TVs or stereos can be operated and you can give the impression that there is someone at home, images of the people can be transmitted to the landlord, and voice warning messages can be left by calling the predetermined phone numbers. Thanks to the fact that technology can now be adapted to human life in every field, interest and demand for these systems, which can be managed from a single point and provide monitoring, measurement, evaluation and remote access, is increasing day by day.

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