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What is KNX

KNX What is the answer to the question,

Smart Home / Building Automation System for the 36 countries where the company engaged in the production of more KNX products from 300 in the automation sector, 7,000 more than the KNX or is approved materials group with the EIB logo, open source code with system standards.

KNX (KONNEX) organization in 1999, central Belgium / Brussels on 3 worldwide system of intelligent home and building societies have been formed with the coming together of Europe in order to bring the level to be used. These;

EIBA (European Installation Bus Association)
BCI (BatiBUS Club International)
EHSA (European Home Systems Association)

The KNX organization has been widely used in European countries, and has started to lead in intelligent home and building automation systems all over the world. In smart home and building automation systems, it has become the structure that determines system standards. In 2003 KNX standards were approved by the CENELEC (European Committee of Electrotechnical Standartisation) and entered into force. Thus, the EN50090 Standard series is built for home and building automation systems. The KNX standard has also been approved by CEN.

Bosmer is a member of this standard. And also beginner-level advice KNX training which is one of four centers in Turkey.

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