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What are you working on behalf of a new generation of solutions as technologies and building automation Bosmer you offer?

Our adventure, which started with the Aegean Region distributorship of an international company ten years ago, has transformed us into a company that produces domestic KNX products today. As BOSMER, we have been following the industry and technology closely since the day we were founded. Combining the experience we have gained in the sector as a result of dozens of projects we have completed and incoming customer demands. In 2015, we started our R&D studies to produce our own products and drew a different direction for ourselves. Currently, we have completed our devices that can be used in automation applications such as lighting, curtain-blind control, HVAC control, touch panel, sensor types, and we continue our efforts with all our strength to increase our product range. Moreover our products which is an international standard KNX Be compatible, providing quite free to act when setting up a user's system and eliminates the brand loyalty. In line with the demand for projects as boşmu We are able to design and produce specific products. Some users are also more reserved, while others can be more ready and willing to adopt new technologies. Maybe this lies some difficulties they have experienced in previous projects under their shyness.

When choosing the company to work with, it is beneficial for users to choose companies that have a good command of the subject and sector and that have signed successful projects. The Internet of Things (IoT), one of the popular topics of recent times, in short, is that everyday objects that come to our minds become smart and communicate over the internet and transmit it to the network it is connected to. With the IoT, we can eliminate security weaknesses that may occur when devices go to the Internet with the KNX protocol. While controlling the automation system with a mobile phone, tablet, computer, we now integrate voice commands into the system, making the use of the automation system much more practical. For example, "turn on the lights" when we come home from work in the evening or "close all the blinds" when going out. We can experience this comfort in our homes and areas, and make our lives easier by giving simple voice commands such as

Can you talk about your project design and implementation processes? How do the solutions you offer meet with the end user?

The documents of the incoming projects are first reviewed by our engineers. The fact that the solutions offered can fully meet the needs of the project is an indicator of our success. At the same time, we offer alternative solutions and try to avoid excessive costs for the user by using the right products in the right place. We provide training to the user, and then stand by our customers in case of any problems encountered, and we try to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront by providing service if necessary.

What are the innovations and advantages that building automation systems add to human life? What effect do you think these technologies will have on our lives in the future?

Nowadays, we look for savings, comfort and safety together and want to adapt it to our daily life. With the development of technology day by day, new perspectives come to buildings and therefore to building automation. The interest and demand for these systems, which enable monitoring, measurement, evaluation and remote access from a single point, are increasing day by day and these requirements will increase in the future. Building automation systems have three main purposes; centralized monitoring and management, energy saving and security control. In recent years, smart systems are mostly used in both public and private sector projects, especially in big cities. In the simplest usage, thanks to these systems, the spaces are kept at standard values ​​and the physical environment changes are not felt by the users. In the future, smart houses, smart buildings and all together will become smart cities and become widespread, and a comfortable, safe and practical living environment will be provided by the automation system, where all the processes that waste time will be fulfilled by the automation system.

Can you evaluate building automation systems in the context of energy efficiency and sustainability?

In order for life in the world to be sustainable, it is necessary to adopt environmentally friendly methods while producing energy, to increase savings while consuming and to minimize waste. Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors for building automation. Every year, we waste a great deal of energy on air-conditioning, improving air quality and lighting unused areas. The healthiest way to use energy efficiently is to minimize the human factor. A serious energy saving can be achieved by carrying out asset control in the application area, determining the unused areas and stretching the degrees by 2-3 degrees. With a correct building automation application and a correct scenario, it becomes possible to save up to 40% - 60% of the total energy consumed. With building automation systems, time-based and presence-based control prevents wastage of energy used for lighting, heating-cooling and air conditioning. and the amount of harmful gases and carbon dioxide emitted to the environment is reduced.

What are your predictions, expectations and goals for 2019?

As BOSMER, our goal is to increase our product range even more, to respond to the demands of our customers and to reach more users as a domestic manufacturer. Our primary goal is to eliminate foreign dependency in the field of building automation and compete with our leading competitors in the sector as a domestic manufacturer with new technological products and systems. We want to further expand our dealer network in 2019 by accelerating our dealership work. We continue our efforts to announce our brand abroad as well as in the country.